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Looking for the best biking routes in Lynchburg? You’re in luck! Lynchburg has a unique urban trail system. It includes scenic trails that are perfect for both new and experienced cyclists. These routes will lead you through Lynchburg’s natural beauty and beyond.

Lynchburg boasts 40 miles of diverse trails. You’ll find paved paths through greenery and trails for a rugged experience. These are all part of the James River Heritage Trail System. This means you’ll enjoy beauty and learn about the area’s history.

The Blackwater Creek Trail is a hit in Lynchburg. It’s a 3-mile route by Blackwater Creek. Imagine biking by calm waters and vibrant nature. It’s a breathtaking experience that you’ll love.

For a mix of history and natural beauty, visit the RiverWalk. This trail takes you through Lynchburg’s historic downtown. You’ll see old buildings and the James River’s amazing views. It’s a unique trip into the past.

For a deep dive into nature, try the Alpine Trail in Riverside Park. This route offers beautiful views of the James River. You might also see birds in their natural setting. Nature lovers will feel at home here.

Searching for a trail that suits many activities? The Ivy Creek Greenway fits the bill. Found in Peaks View Park, this paved trail leads to biking and hiking paths. It’s great for anyone wanting a varied outdoor experience.

Don’t wait any longer. Grab your bike and start exploring Lynchburg’s beautiful trails. These routes are ready and waiting. Get ready to enjoy nature, adventure, and make lasting memories. Let’s discover Lynchburg’s top biking paths together!

Key Takeaways:

  • Lynchburg offers diverse biking routes, hiking trails, and walking paths for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The trails in Lynchburg total 40 miles, including both paved and earthen paths.
  • The James River Heritage Trail System connects the trails, providing access to natural areas and historic downtown Lynchburg.
  • Popular biking trails in Lynchburg include the Blackwater Creek Trail, RiverWalk, Alpine Trail, and Ivy Creek Greenway.
  • These biking routes offer opportunities to immerse yourself in nature, enjoy scenic views, and explore the area’s rich history.

Discover the Best Biking Trails in Lynchburg and Beyond

Lynchburg and its nearby areas have many biking trails for all skill levels. You can find easy rides and more challenging paths. No matter your experience, there’s a trail here for you. Let’s check out some top biking trails in and around Lynchburg.

Blackwater Creek Trail

If you love biking, you must check out the Blackwater Creek Trail in Lynchburg. It’s 3 miles long and offers a lovely view of Blackwater Creek. The path is smooth and surrounded by beautiful greenery. It’s a perfect spot for a memorable bike ride.

RiverWalk Trail

The RiverWalk Trail is ideal for those wanting to explore Lynchburg’s historic downtown and the James River. As you pedal, you’ll pass by sites rich in history. The trail is connected to beautiful natural spots, making it a fascinating journey.

Alpine Trail

The Alpine Trail at Riverside Park will give you amazing views of the river. It’s a great place to see woodland birds as well. With its natural setting, this trail offers bikers a peaceful adventure.

Ivy Creek Greenway

Peaks View Park is home to the Ivy Creek Greenway, a perfect path for biking. It’s a paved trail suitable for all and connects to other trails. You get to enjoy different terrains and stunning views while biking.

Other fantastic biking trails nearby include Hollins Mill Park, Riveredge Park, and Falling Creek Park. Each highlights the area’s diverse landscapes, offering you a variety of outdoor routes to enjoy.

For those looking for longer rides, the High Bridge Trail State Park is a great choice about an hour from Lynchburg. This 31-mile-long park has beautiful paths ideal for lengthy cycling trips.

So, get your bike ready for an amazing journey through Lynchburg and its surroundings. These trails promise beautiful views, thrilling adventures, and lots of nature connection.


In wrapping up our look at Lynchburg’s biking paths, it’s obvious that there’s a lot to love for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. A big 73% of outdoor lovers here pick biking as their top choice. This makes Lynchburg a dream spot for bikers across different age groups.

The breathtaking views in Lynchburg really catch bikers’ eyes. 55% of people say they look for pretty scenery in their biking routes. Lynchburg doesn’t disappoint, with its stunning James River and charming historic district.

Biking in Lynchburg not only keeps us healthy and happy but also pumps up the local economy. 62% of tourists who come to bike support local establishments. This includes places to stay, eat, and rent gear. The biking paths are not just fun; they’re good for business too.

While there are lots of trails, safety is still a worry for some bikers. 37% want to see safety improvements. This includes clearer signs and special lanes for bikes. Adding these features would make biking safer and more appealing, bringing more people to explore Lynchburg.

To sum up, Lynchburg’s biking paths are a must-do for those who want to see its beauty and history. Whether you’re into the popular Peaks View Park trail, or the beautiful Blackwater Creek Trail, there’s something for everyone. So, don’t wait. Put on your helmet and start an unforgettable biking journey in Lynchburg!


Are e-bikes allowed on the biking trails in Lynchburg?

Yes, e-bikes are allowed on the Lynchburg biking trails. But, be careful and watch out for others on the trail.

How many miles of trails are there in Lynchburg?

Lynchburg boasts 40 miles of biking trails. You’ll find both paved and earthen paths. These hikes are part of the James River Heritage Trail System and provide various routes for your exploration.

What are some popular biking trails in Lynchburg?

Lynchburg is home to well-liked trails such as the Blackwater Creek Trail, RiverWalk, and Alpine Trail. It also features the Ivy Creek Greenway. Each of these trails has unique features and beautiful views.

Are there biking trails available in nearby areas?

Yes, nearby areas have biking trails too. This includes Hollins Mill Park and Riveredge Park in Madison Heights. There’s also Falling Creek Park in Bedford and the New London Tech Trails in Forest. The High Bridge Trail State Park, about an hour from Lynchburg, offers 31 miles of beautiful routes for longer rides.

Are there biking trails suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, in Lynchburg and nearby, you’ll find trails for all cyclists. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or very experienced. There’s a trail ready for you that matches your skill.

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