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Do you want to know Lynchburg’s top spots for bird watching? Are you excited to see nature up close? Lynchburg has many places perfect for birding, sure to impress you.

The HumanKind property in Boonsboro is a standout. It has various areas like forests by the stream, fields, and a pine stand. You can see many birds throughout the year, from winter visitors like the Horned Lark to Merlin. In spring, look for Blue-headed Vireos and Pine Warblers. Warblers, tanagers, vireos, and thrushes gather here in April and May. In the fall, it’s a hub for raptors and songbirds.

HumanKind welcomes all birders looking for rare finds and peace in nature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lynchburg is home to several bird watching hotspots that offer opportunities to spot local wildlife and enjoy the serenity of nature.
  • The HumanKind property in the Boonsboro neighborhood is a notable hotspot with diverse habitats and a wide range of bird species throughout the year.
  • Highlights at the HumanKind property include the Horned Lark and Merlin in winter, Blue-headed Vireos and Pine Warblers in spring, and a continuous stream of warblers, tanagers, vireos, and thrushes in April and May.
  • HumanKind serves as a stopover spot for migrating raptors and passerines during the fall migration.
  • The HumanKind property is accessible to the public, providing an excellent opportunity for birders to discover rare species.

Notable Birding Locations in Lynchburg

Lynchburg has many birding spots besides HumanKind property. Whether you love waterfowl, warblers, or fall sparrows, you’re in luck. There are several places waiting to be explored.

Waterfowl Haven

If you love watching waterfowl, check out The Summit, College Lake, and more. The Summit Lake is private but you can visit with permission from the main office. At Coffee Road ponds, see Ring-necked Ducks in winter and Canada Geese in large groups.

Warblers Galore

Warbler fans will enjoy Blackwater Creek for spring bird watching. Its trails are great for spotting these colorful birds in migration. Peaks View Park is also good, with many trees that attract warblers in the fall.

Fall Sparrows Spectacle

Searching for fall sparrows? Ivy Creek Park and HumanKind trail system are must-visits. These places are full of fall sparrows and are great for watching and learning about them.

These spots in Lynchburg offer rich habitats and chances to see a variety of birds. They are perfect whether you’re a beginner or expert birder. Plus, the natural beauty of Lynchburg makes every visit memorable.

Lynchburg Bird Club and Christmas Bird Counts

The Lynchburg Bird Club is key to the local bird-lovers’ scene. It works on birdwatching and saving birds in Lynchburg and beyond. Since Dr. Ruskin Freer started it in 1958, the club meets often and goes on fun trips to find birds.

This city now has seen and listed 224 types of birds. This big number shows how many different birds live here. It also shows how much people care about them and their homes.

Every year, the Lynchburg Christmas Bird Count happens. It brings bird fans of all kinds together to check on the bird population. This counting event includes Lynchburg and parts of other nearby places.

This year, on December 19, 2020, marks the 80th Lynchburg Bird Count and the 62nd year they’ve done it in a row. It’s a big deal for bird-watchers, bringing everyone closer and sharing what they know. Everyone, no matter their bird-watching level, is welcome to come and help count.

The count data is really important for scientists and those who look after birds. It helps them keep watch on bird numbers and how they are doing. This way, they can better protect our bird friends in Lynchburg.

The club is also known for its book, Birds of Lynchburg and Vicinity. It’s a go-to for local birders, filled with info on where to see birds, when they come, and which ones are special.

The Lynchburg Bird Club really cares about birds and their home. They have helped build a busy and caring bird-watchers’ group. Thanks to them, people love and know more about the beauty of Lynchburg and nearby places.


Lynchburg is a great place for those who love the outdoors. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys bird watching or other activities. The city has many different birds and places to see them, like the HumanKind property and Blackwater Creek.

If watching birds is your thing, you should check out the Lynchburg Bird Club. It’s a good way to meet other bird lovers and learn more.

But, Lynchburg isn’t just for watching birds. It also has lots of places to visit and things to do outside. You can see historical spots or go hiking on pretty trails. There’s always something fun to do in Lynchburg.

With its interesting history, beauty, and friendly people, Lynchburg is a fun place to be. If you want a trip full of fun activities and new places to explore, Lynchburg is a perfect choice.


Are the bird watching hotspots in Lynchburg open to the public?

Yes, places like HumanKind in Lynchburg are free for all to enjoy.

What bird species can be spotted at the HumanKind property?

The HumanKind property is a hotspot for birds all year round. Winter brings Horned Larks and Merlins. In spring, keep an eye out for Blue-headed Vireos and Pine Warblers. April and May bring many more, like warblers and tanagers.Fall sees migrating raptors and passerines. This spot is a favorite for many birds.

Where are some recommended birding locations in Lynchburg for waterfowl enthusiasts?

For those who love waterfowl, Lynchburg has the Summit, College Lake, and more. These are great spots for seeing water-loving birds.

What are some notable birding locations in Lynchburg for spring warbler watching?

Blackwater Creek and Peaks View Park are the places to be in spring. They are favorites for finding warblers in Lynchburg.

Where can I find fall sparrows in Lynchburg?

For fall sparrows, check out Ivy Creek Park and the HumanKind trail. They’re known for these birds in autumn.

What is the Lynchburg Bird Club and what do they do?

The Lynchburg Bird Club loves birds and shares this passion in the city. They meet monthly and set up field trips to find birds together. Thanks to them, Lynchburg has found many bird species.They organize the Lynchburg Christmas Bird Count and have even written a book about local birds.

How can I participate in the Lynchburg Christmas Bird Count?

To join the Lynchburg Christmas Bird Count, just contact the Bird Club. This event covers Lynchburg and its nearby areas.

What other activities and attractions are available in Lynchburg?

Lynchburg is full of fun things to do. You can visit historic places, enjoy outdoor activities, and join in local events and festivals.

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