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Looking for the perfect camping getaway near Lynchburg? We’ve got you covered. Lynchburg offers many options for either adventure or quiet camps. You might be surprised to find hidden gems just around the corner.

Wilderness Adventure in New Castle, VA, is a hidden gem. This 500-acre site has 92 places to camp, whether in a lodge, RV, or tent. It’s known for exciting outdoor activities like tubing, canoeing, hiking, and biking. So, are you ready to add some thrill to your camping journey?

For a classic camping experience, Lynchburg RV Campground is perfect. With full hookup RV areas and places for tents, it’s ideal. Imagine relaxing by the lake, swimming, or enjoying fishing. This campground is a nature lover’s dream with peaceful beaches and great spots for canoeing.

Looking for a unique twist with a hint of history? Try Explore Park. Situated at Blue Ridge Parkway milepost 115, it offers cabins, yurts, RV spaces, and more. You can explore 14 miles of trails, enjoy beautiful river sights, and try ziplining. Ready to dive into nature’s playground?

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose from a variety of camping options near Lynchburg, catering to different preferences.
  • Wilderness Adventure offers thrilling adventure activities alongside camping facilities.
  • Lynchburg RV Campground provides a traditional camping experience with a tranquil lake setting.
  • Explore Park offers a unique camping experience with a historical touch and a range of amenities.
  • Discover the hidden gems in and around Lynchburg for an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Activities and Amenities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

At Wilderness Adventure, outdoor lovers have plenty to do. There are lots of trails for walking, biking, and running. You can connect with nature and breathe in the fresh air.

This place is also great for water fans. You can canoe, tube, swim, and fish in the pond and creek. It’s a perfect way to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the sunny days.

Looking for some fun games? The campground has volleyball, horseshoes, and disc golf. Or you can just relax in the open areas. At night, sit around the fire and swap stories under the stars.

The camp store has everything you need, from firewood to drinks. It makes your stay more comfortable and fun.

At Lynchburg RV Campground, there’s even more to enjoy. Hang out in the clubhouse or swim in the pool. You can also fish or ride bikes, and there’s a great spot for picnics.

The facilities are top-notch. There are clean showers, laundry, and a place to store your RV. You can keep everything tidy and safe.

Explore Park is packed with outdoor fun. Enjoy movies, canoeing, and more. There’s even a mini-golf course to challenge your skills.

Get tips at the visitor center for the best local activities. And don’t miss the disc golf course. After all the fun, try the local brews at the park’s brewpub.

Location and Directions

If you’re heading to Explore Park, it’s at milepost 115 on Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a just an hour’s drive from Lynchburg. The park is in a scenic spot, making it perfect for a natural escape.

To get there from Lynchburg, take I-81 to 581S, then onto 220S. Keep going till you hit the Blue Ridge Parkway North. After a while, you’ll get to milepost 115. Here, you’ll find breathtaking scenery and lots to do outdoors.

When it comes to Lynchburg RV Campground, it’s at 405 Mollies Creek Rd, Gladys, VA 24554. This site is about 58 miles away, reached by I-81.

Explore Park and Lynchburg RV Campground welcome nature lovers. Choose your spot for a nature-filled trip. Plan now to enjoy Lynchburg’s beauty and adventure.


Lynchburg has many places to camp for those who love the outdoors. You might like a spot with lots of action, or maybe a calm RV park. Places like Wilderness Adventure, Lynchburg RV Campground, and Explore Park are close by.

Camping in Lynchburg means diving into exciting outside activities. You can hike, bike, fish, or canoe there. Enjoy the pretty landscapes, find new paths, and make lasting memories in Lynchburg’s nature.

Ending your camping trip well is key. Repeat your main idea and wrap up the main points of your adventure. This will change how people see your Lynchburg camping story. Tying in the wider context of your topic makes your story feel more important and timely.

If you want to camp in Lynchburg, make a strong finish to your story. This should pull together your top points about the trip. It could move readers to take what you’ve shared and start their own adventure in Lynchburg.


What types of camping sites are available near Lynchburg?

You’ll find many camping spots near Lynchburg. These include private places, RV spots, and wild nature areas.

What activities can I enjoy at Wilderness Adventure?

You can have fun with many outdoor activities at Wilderness Adventure. This includes hiking, biking, and water adventures like canoeing. Enjoy the calmness of nature while fishing or have a thrilling time tubing down the river.

What amenities are available at Lynchburg RV Campground?

Lynchburg RV Campground is packed with great amenities. These include a swimming pool, fishing spots, and places to ride bikes. You’ll also find spots for picnics and BBQs, laundry, and clean showers. RV storage is also available here.

What activities can I do at Explore Park?

At Explore Park, fun activities like movie nights and canoeing await. There’s also ping pong, mini golf, and even ziplines to try. Don’t miss the chance to relax at their brewpub.

How do I get to Explore Park from Lynchburg?

Getting to Explore Park from Lynchburg is easy. Just hop on I-81 to 581S, then 220S. Finally, take the Blue Ridge Parkway North to milepost 115.

Where is Lynchburg RV Campground located?

Lynchburg RV Campground sits at 405 Mollies Creek Rd, Gladys, VA 24554.

Are there non-camping amenities at the campgrounds?

Yes, you can enjoy other activities at the campgrounds too. These include camp stores, fire pits, and games like volleyball and horseshoes. There’s also disc golf and info centers for visitors.

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