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Craig P. Tiller, Esq. Attorney at Law

For over a quarter of a century, Craig P. Tiller, Esq., has been a cornerstone of legal expertise in Lynchburg, offering a guiding hand in times when life’s paths become a bit intricate. Specializing in safeguarding your loved ones’ futures, Craig P. Tiller helps navigate the complexities of appointing a conservator or guardian, ensuring your financial and medical wishes are honored through power of attorney, and crafting wills that reflect your intentions for asset distribution.

But the breadth of his expertise doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s standing by your side in criminal defense, advocating for you in personal injury cases, or providing compassionate guidance in family law matters, Craig P. Tiller brings a personalized approach to each case. He’s not just an attorney; he’s your one-on-one partner from the initial evaluation through to the resolution of your case, tailoring his representation to your unique needs and journey. With Craig P. Tiller, you’re more than a case number; you’re part of a legacy of dedicated, customized legal care in Lynchburg.



Phone number

(434) 254-1549


15421 Forest Road Suite D, Forest, VA 24551

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