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Jefferson Poplar Forest Restoration Fund

Jefferson’s retreat home is very lovely. The home’s exterior renovation is complete. The interior is not complete. But the “bones” of the interior are very nice and you can just imagine Jefferson walking through the octagonal shaped home.The home has been owned by several families who updated it with modern conveniences, showers, plumbing, etc. All of that had to be ripped out completely to restore the home to the way it was when Jefferson occupied it.He had a marvelous eye for design! The families that lived in it after Jefferson’s death, changed many of his ideas…took out some of the windows from the original design, etc and pretty much took away the beautiful symmetry. There was also a fire that destroyed the original wood. But the restoration team researched through Jefferson’s letters and built it back to the original plans. And it is a beautifully designed retreat home where Jefferson came to escape the pressures of public life.



Phone number

(434) 525-1806


1542 Bateman Bridge Rd Forest, VA 24551

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