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Lynchburg, VA is a hidden gem with amazing scenery. Ever thought about where to find drives that will leave you in awe? Look no further! We’ve found the most stunning scenic routes in and around Lynchburg. Whether you love nature or need a relaxing weekend adventure, these drives are perfect. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, amazing views, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the hidden beauty of Lynchburg, VA through its scenic drives.
  • Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty with breathtaking landscapes and stunning vistas.
  • Explore outdoor activities and opportunities to unwind along the way.
  • Create unforgettable memories and experience the charm of Lynchburg.
  • Pack up your car and embark on an unforgettable journey through the scenic drives around Lynchburg.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a must-see drive near Lynchburg. Spanning over 200 miles, it offers stunning views. You’ll see mountains, valleys, and natural beauty all around.

Driving here lets you see wildlife in their homes. Look out for deer, black bears, and many birds along the way. It’s a great chance to experience nature.

There’s more than just views and animals. Hiking is big here with trails for everyone. Beginners and experts alike will find amazing hikes to enjoy.

If you want something relaxing, have a picnic. There are many spots for a meal with great views. It’s a perfect way to take in the natural peace.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is for anyone who loves the outdoors. It has amazing scenery, chances to see wildlife, and plenty of outdoor fun. Start your journey to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Crabtree Falls and Smith Mountain Lake State Park

When looking for beautiful places near Lynchburg, Crabtree Falls and Smith Mountain Lake State Park are perfect. They offer amazing views and fun activities for all. Especially for nature lovers and families.

Crabtree Falls is known for its huge waterfalls. These falls are some of the tallest in the entire eastern U.S. They offer a view that will take your breath away and a fantastic hike. The hiking trail is great for everyone, including kids. As you hike the 1.5-mile trail, you’ll see four extra lookout points that offer stunning views of the falls.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park is just a short drive away. It’s perfect for a day outdoors. The park has lots to do like boating, swimming, hiking, kayaking, and camping. This makes it great for people who love the water. Plus, you can swim in the lake from late May to early September.

If you visit during Pirate Days in July, you’ll have even more fun. You’ll see pirate ships in the lake, lots of water games, and fun for kids. It’s a great family event that fits perfectly with the park’s natural charm.

Both parks are great to visit from Lynchburg. They are popular in summer because of their beauty and activities. Whether it’s hiking by waterfalls or doing fun water sports, these spots are sure to please.

Plan Your Visit

  • Crabtree Falls: To get to Crabtree Falls, head north on Route 29. Then, start the Crabtree Trail for amazing views and overlooks.
  • Smith Mountain Lake State Park: Just a short drive from Lynchburg. Offers plenty of parking for a small fee and affordable access to the lake.
  • Lynchburg Macaroni Kid: For more on summer fun in Lynchburg, check out Lynchburg Macaroni Kid.

Explore the wonders of Crabtree Falls and Smith Mountain Lake State Park. Spend time in the great outdoors and enjoy the amazing views. These beautiful spots in Virginia are waiting for you.


Exploring Lynchburg’s scenic drives has shown us there’s a lot for nature fans and those who love the outdoors. The famous Blue Ridge Parkway, lovely Crabtree Falls, and peaceful Smith Mountain Lake State Park stand out. Each drive lets us dive into the area’s natural beauty. They are perfect for anyone looking for rest, fun, or a break from busy life.

These drives help us reconnect with nature and relax. They’re full of scenic views, outdoor fun, and peaceful areas. They make the perfect spot to go for a walk in the woods, see animals, or just take in the views. They remind us to stop and admire the world around us.

Looking for a natural escape mixed with outdoor thrills? Lynchburg’s scenic drives are the answer. So, take a break, forget your worries, and enjoy the calm these roads offer. They’re great for locals and visitors alike. You’ll come back feeling renewed, inspired, and grateful for the wild beauty of Lynchburg.

We’ve reached the end of our scenic drive journey in Lynchburg. But, there’s so much more for you to see and enjoy. So, get ready for your own adventure. Open the windows, breathe in the fresh air, and let Lynchburg’s beauty enchant you. Enjoy your drive!


Are there any scenic drives near Lynchburg?

Yes, Lynchburg is surrounded by amazing scenery and beautiful landscapes, making scenic drives a great choice.

What are some popular scenic drives near Lynchburg?

Locals often visit the Blue Ridge Parkway, Crabtree Falls, and Smith Mountain Lake State Park for their scenic beauty.

What can I expect to see on the Blue Ridge Parkway?

The Blue Ridge Parkway is full of breathtaking mountain and valley views. You’ll also see lots of wildlife and can enjoy hiking and picnicking.

What is special about Crabtree Falls?

Crabtree Falls has some of the tallest waterfalls east of the Mississippi River. It’s a great place for hiking and taking photos.

What activities can I enjoy at Smith Mountain Lake State Park?

Smith Mountain Lake State Park is perfect for fishing, boating, and hiking. It’s known for its beautiful views and scenic spots.

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