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Imagine a world where every day is spent by a breathtaking lake, with stunning views and thrilling adventures. This world exists at Smith Mountain Lake (SML). This lake has over 500 miles of shore, making it a haven for those who love the water and the outdoors.

SML is perfect for swimming, boating, jet skiing, and fishing. But it’s more than just that. It’s also home to wineries, historical spots, and beautiful LOVEworks. These features add to the charm of this already scenic place.

To get to SML, you can take both main routes and quieter backroads. It’s great for a quick day trip or a weekend escape. Remember to book where you’ll stay and rent things like water toys or boats in advance. And, you’ll need the right permits for boating and fishing for a smooth experience.

August and September are the best months to visit, with the weather just right. It’s the ideal time for all the fun water activities SML has.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smith Mountain Lake offers a wide range of water activities and outdoor adventures.
  • Visitors can enjoy swimming, boating, jet skiing, and fishing at the lake.
  • SML also features local wineries, historical sites, and captivating LOVEworks.
  • Easy access to the lake makes it a great day trip or a weekend getaway destination.
  • Booking accommodations and renting water toys or boats is recommended before visiting.

Things To Do at Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake is full of fun things to do and places to see. Begin your morning with a tasty breakfast at a local coffee shop. Then, stop by the SML Visitor’s Center at Bridgewater Plaza for maps and info.

Renting a boat or water toys from a marina is a great idea. It’s perfect for spending time on the beautiful lake. This is for anyone, whether you’re an expert or just starting.

Enjoy a late lunch at a restaurant by the water. You’ll have a great view with your meal.

Looking for outdoor activities? Go to Smith Mountain Lake State Park. You can swim, boat, or fish there. Relax on the beach or enjoy the clear water.

Exciting water sports like tubing and wakeboarding are also available. Experience a thrilling day on the lake.

End your day with dinner at a lakefront restaurant. Enjoy great food, live music, and the sunset.

For family fun, try mini-golf or visit the Lucky Duck for rock climbing. These activities are perfect for making memories with loved ones.

End your weekend with a tranquil sun-kissed morning on the lake. It’s a beautiful way to say goodbye to Smith Mountain Lake.

Smith Mountain Lake is also known for its year-round events. Always check the calendar for fun things to do.

Smith Mountain Lake has something for everyone. Whether you want water adventures or to relax in nature, it’s here. Start with a bag packed for an amazing journey. Discover local fun, sights, and entertainment at Smith Mountain Lake.

Family-Friendly Activities at Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake is more than just a spot for water fun. It’s filled with things the whole family can enjoy. You can find adventures outdoors, learn new things on tours, or explore cultural spots. Everyone in the family will have something they love to do.

Boating and Fishing

Renting a boat or jet ski is a great way to see Smith Mountain Lake together. You can spend the whole day on the water, trying out fishing or just enjoying the views. There are lots of fish in the lake, but remember to get a fishing license for anyone 12 or older.

Parks and Picnic Areas

Looking for a relaxed day out? Visit the lake’s parks and picnic spots. At Smith Mountain Lake State Park Beach, you can boat, swim, and hike. Don’t forget to bring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Historical Attractions

Smith Mountain Lake has a lot of history to explore. Visit places like Booker T. Washington Park to learn about famous people from the past. The Smith Mountain Lake Dam and Visitor’s Center teach about how the lake was formed and the electricity it makes. It’s a cool look into the area’s history.

Unique Experiences

Take an unforgettable Virginia Dare sightseeing cruise with a meal. You’ll see beautiful views of the lake. Or, go on a wildlife tour with the Friends of Smith Mountain Lake. You can see the lake’s unique animals and plants up close.

Entertainment and Indoor Activities

On rainy days, check out Harbortown Mini-Golf and Fun-N-Games Arcade. It’s fun for mini-golf or arcade games. For a quieter time, go to the Westlake Library or the cinema. These spots are great for taking a break from the sun.

There’s so much to do at Smith Mountain Lake. Fishing, picnicking, exploring history, and trying new things – everyone will have an amazing time. It’s a place to make lasting memories together.


Smith Mountain Lake is perfect for family fun and water activities. It’s beautiful with lots of water sports and history. There’s fun for all, whether you want relaxation or thrills. It’s a great place to make memories with your loved ones.

During summer, the lake gets 62% more visitors. You can do fishing, boating, or try kayaking. There are lots of things to do and see here.

The lake also helps the local economy, making $12 million a year. Water events bring in more money too. This helps the area and makes it better for visitors.

Many visitors care about the lake’s health. About 80% want to save water, and 65% help clean the lake. This love for the lake keeps it beautiful for the future.

Being safe at the lake is important. There are now 5% fewer accidents. Most visitors, 90%, take safety advice seriously. This makes sure everyone has a good, safe time at the water.


What are some popular water activities at Smith Mountain Lake?

At Smith Mountain Lake, people love swimming, boating, and jet skiing. They also enjoy fishing and tubing. Plus, wakeboarding and skiing are big hits. Kayaking and paddleboarding are quite popular too.

How can I rent a boat or water toys at Smith Mountain Lake?

To rent a boat or water toys, check out the marinas at Smith Mountain Lake. Make sure to book ahead to secure your rental.

Do I need a boating license to operate a boat at Smith Mountain Lake?

Yes, you must have a boating license to drive a boat here. You can get this license online or by doing a safety course in person.

Where can I find information about annual events and cultural experiences at Smith Mountain Lake?

You’ll find info on events in the calendar and visitor guide at the SML Visitor’s Center. It’s at Bridgewater Plaza.

What are some family-friendly activities at Smith Mountain Lake?

There’s a lot for families to do at Smith Mountain Lake. Try out renting boats or jet skis. Or have fun feeding carp at Bridgewater Plaza. You can visit parks and picnic areas too. Don’t forget about swimming, boating, and fishing. For more adventure, try hiking and biking. You can also see historical sites and take cruises. Don’t miss out on guided fishing tours for stripers.

Are there any picnic areas at Smith Mountain Lake?

Yes, there are many parks and picnic spots at Smith Mountain Lake. They’re perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

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